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Master Plans - 3 Printing Applications

3D Printing Applications Master Plans: Build Model Cities and Colonies in a Flash

Architectural master planning has always been one of the most integral aspects of setting up new colonies and location models. 3D printing applications master plans have now made it extremely simple and convenient to build master plan prototypes in a short time. Most of the traditional measures in building such plans would employ the use of materials like plastic or foam. In some cases wooden finish would also be used to build the models. Most of the construction in these models would have to be done manually and as consequence, would take up a significant amount of time and money in the process.

3D printing by The 3D Shape allows to you save a significant amount of time and money on building master plans. On an average, we 3D print more than hundred building in less than 8 hours. This way we complete a single project in just a couple of days. While the look and feel of traditional models is preserved, the time and cost bars are significantly lowered.

3D Printing Applications: Master Plans

There is more to future planning than just creating a cluster of buildings accessible by a network of roads. It is the microcosmic expression of human evolution. With 3D printing, giving voice to this expression has become extremely easy.

Modern architects often prefer to design their works in 3D. They also design the surrounding buildings and buildings in 3D as well. The 3D shape could materialize the design in a night and mount on the base the very next day. We have already developed several 3D printed master plans and handed them over to clients in remarkably short turnarounds. If you have the idea, The 3D Shape helps in materializing it.

3d Printing Applications Master Plans: Materials Used

The material we generally employ in 3D printing applications master plans is paper. The advantage with paper as building material is that as we create more and more prints, the costs gradually subside. Since master plans require a great many buildings, streets and other physically built features, it is imperative that that a lot of material will be employed. This way, you can expect tremendously low costs in comparison to the traditional style of building master plans. The 3D Shape gives you the ability to create real-life master plans that are not just time-effective but also give you great cost-leverage. Reap more and better rewards with our 3D printing expertise.