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Prototypes - 3d Printing Applications

3D Printing Applications Prototypes: Test Form and Dimensional Proportion

Testing a concept design for its form and dimensional properties is one of the most important parts of product designing. This is one of the major reasons behind the high rating that has been given to the creation of prototypes. While traditional prototyping has its own merits, it takes up a lot of time. This may be easily brushed aside with 3D printing. 3D printing applications prototypes are meant to create more prototypes in a lesser span of time without compromising on the quality of the product. The 3D Shape brings to you a series of services in 3D prototypes.

3D Printing Applications: Prototypes

The most significant application of prototype construction is in the manufacturing sector. It is important to test the designs of products that are newly manufactured. With 3D printing, you may create a very high number of prototypes merely because of the speed of the process. The 3D Shape offers a number of options in designing prototypes. Here are some:

  • Concept Models:With concept modeling, small technical designing firms can further their time-productivity and cost-time equations by developing a higher number of ideas and doing so in a very less span of time. In larger companies, this can be done in individual departments before the prototype reaches the management.
  • Functioning Prototypes:Creating functional prototypes with 3D printing is about meeting precise requirements with tough and rigorous designing. The prototype tests a major part of the performance of the device before creation of the finished parts.
  • Customizable Parts: Creating on-demand parts is one of the major promises of advanced additive manufacturing that The 3D Shape fulfills right away. We are committed to deliver customized parts to you in short turnarounds.

3d Printing Applications Prototypes: Materials Used

Depending on the type of prototype that is being created, we employ a number of materials for 3D printing. These include clear photopolymers that are rubbery in appearance and bio-compatible. When there is need for high performance, we employ thermoplastics that are rough both by appearance and endurance. This variety in material selection for 3D printing applications prototypes allows you to make use of the prototypes through the entire length of the product development cycle.

At The 3D Shape, our impetus is always on churning fast and affordable concept modeling. We ensure that the functional prototypes we build score highly on creating an effect of realism. Each prototype that we build undergoes certified testing and low-risk production techniques.