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Sculpture - 3d Printing Applications

3D Printing Applications Sculptures: Infuse Life into Objects of Creativity

One of the more recent 3D printing applications is in the creation of sculptures. Given the myriad of art forms that additive manufacturing is working on, it was only a matter of time before it was employed in creation of sculptures. Today, we are using 3D printing in cohorts with digital modeling to create a number of sculpture-tones including sharp metallic tones and wax-like surfaces. With this newfound partnership, 3D printing applications sculptures is opening up new vistas for digital sculptors.

3D Printing Applications: Sculptures

The latest trends and techniques in 3D printing have gone in support of generating life-like 3D printed sculptures. This finds expression in the numerous applications that 3D printing finds in sculptures. At The 3D Shape we make designing, we have been witness to some systemic radicalization in the way sculptures have been perceived up until now.

  • Showcase Decoration:With sculptures from The 3D Shape, showcase decoration can climb a whole new level. Give your house a nifty new look with custom showcase decoration pieces.
  • Artefacts: The days of traditional sculpture art have come to rest with new techniques and designs in 3D printing. Attract more and more potential customers with awe-inspiring 3D art sculptures.
  • Custom Designs: 3D modeling has given a whole new dimension to custom designing in sculpture making. Dedicated custom designs by The 3D Shape gives you the leverage to create numerous prototypes.

3d Printing Applications Sculptures: Materials Used

The technicalities involved in additive manufacturing of sculptures could be a little difficult to comprehend at one go. To create a typical bronze finish, digital modeling is followed up with silicon rubber molding. Then, the processed product is fused with tradition casting. While the 3D printing applications sculptures procedure is largely similar with other materials, the complexities are varied. Depending on the effect and finish that you want on the sculpture, experts at The 3D Shape adopt variegated techniques to create a particular look. We are filled with orders for the following two styles:

  • Metallic:One of the most popular styles in 3D sculpture making is the metallic finish. There bronze finish is one of the most sought after shades in 3D sculptures and is ideal for commercial showcasing.
  • Wax: Most of the household 3D sculptures that we get to see are made wither from wax or with the wax finish.

Our researchers are spending busy hours coming up with more innovative forms of 3D sculptures. Keep visiting us to stay updated.