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Detail Resin - 3d printing materials

3D Printing Detail Resin: Replicating Finer Details Is Now Possible

Detail resin is one of the most preferred 3D printing materials that are used for rapid prototyping of a variety of objects. The 3D Shape creates three-dimensional objects with high-detail liquid polymer. The liquid polymer is solidified with the help of UV light and one layer after another is created. We use resin in cases where high-detail surface is a part of the requirement. 3D prototypes made of high-detail resin are built from polymeric liquid. We recommend 3D printing detail resin for fine-detailed product prototypes that are used in corporate presentation, product promotion etc.

3D Printing Detail Resin Samples

The 3D prototypes build by The 3D Shape professionals are impact-resistant and thick in nature. We use this rubber-like material for building tactile objects.

3D Printing Detail Resin: Applications

3d printing detail resin come with finer details than traditional resin. During casting, this material burns out pretty quickly. This helps us to build prototypes of detailed metal parts, jewelry, parts of engineering appliances etc quite easily for our Dubai/GCC/UAE based clients. The castable detail resin that we use is perfect for developing exact miniature replications of bigger objects, particularly machinery parts, various types of metallic appliances, and also figurines. When it comes to replicating finer details on the surface of a smaller object, detail resin has no better alternative. We use 3D printing detail resin mostly for developing nested objects, large objects that are geometrically connected with thinner objects, hinge objects and interlinking objects (e.g. a chain).

3D Printing Detail Resin: Technology and Processes in Use

We take resort to a process called Photosensitive Liquid Polymerization for 3D printing detail resin. How do we transform a 2D drawing into a 3D object using the latest 3D printing detail resin? The process is described step-by-step here below.

  • The 2D model is transferred to the printer
  • We are equipped with the right 3D design software applications. We first draw a three-dimensional sketch of the object using these software applications. Once the design is finalized, we send the design to the 3D printer.
  • The 3D printing process starts
  • Our experts create one after another layer with the plastic liquid. We use UV ray for instantaneous hardening of the layers. While the layers are created, another printer head simultaneously polymerize the layers by using an added fine layer of plastic.
  • Once the photosensitive polymerization process is completed, the entire batch of layers is treated with pressurized water jet so that excess liquid is removed with minimum or no human involvement.
  • After washing, we color the object to finish the prototyping process.
To know more about how 3D printing detail resin can be used effectively for rapid prototyping, contact us via phone or mail.