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Full Colour - 3d printing materials

3D Printing Full Colour: Adding Colour as the Fourth Dimension to a 3D Object

The 3D Shape printing experts master the art and science of producing multiple colours from fine grains of mixed materials. Our experts use multicolour for giving shape to full-colour models. The surface of these models has a granular and arenaceous look. The material is considered ideal for miniature models of vehicles, aircrafts etc as well as small mascots, avatars or figurines. We create models by 3D printing full colour binder materials and tinted ink onto a gypsum. We also use a fast-acting adhesive for creating visual models and figurines. Please note that full colour 3D models are very brittle in nature and you should use caution while handling these models. 3D printing in multicolour may not produce all colour shades effectively. For example, skin tones may not be found in their true colours in the 3D models.

3D Printing Full Colour: Samples

The full-colour 3D models that are carved out using advanced 3D printing techniques are small and cute replicas of their full-scale versions. We, being a trusted supplier company in Dubai, immix technology with creativity to create these models.

3D Printing Full Colour: Typical Uses

Multicolour is extensively used by our expert 3D modellers for creating models that contain more than one or two colours. These models are not functional and you can only use this technology to bring more versatility into design. These models have excellent shelf-life and you can use these 3D models for years. As a multicolour model is way more appealing than a monochromatic model, these models are widely used for pre-launch product demo and for creating product prototypes for industrial training and induction in Dubai/UAE/GCC. Multicolour scale models are used across diverse industry sectors, including automobile manufacturing, real estate, aviation, and so on.

3D Printing Full Colour: Technology and Processes in Use

We use Z Corp Printing Technology for 3D printing full colour based on two-dimensional designs. The printer can build up the model by putting one layer upon another ad repeating the process. A roller is used for putting a thin coat of powder on a flat platform and a print nozzle drops fast-acting glue at specific points. A thin layer of the model with outlines is made through this process. After that, pre-coloured adhesives are used for matching the requested colour. Lastly, we put the entire model carved out from the printing machine into superglue so that it does not fall apart. An UV coating is also applied to prevent sunlight-induced decolourisation. Use of UV coating also makes the surface granular and glossy at the same time. Check out our full colour models by visiting the online gallery.