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Gold - 3d printing materials

3D Printing Gold: Creating Finest Jewelleries within the Shortest Time Possible

The 3D Shape uses 3d printing gold to give shape to intricate designs that are sent to us in the form of two-dimensional drawings. Though brass, silver, bronze and other types of precious metals are widely in use, we decided to include 14 carat gold as a 3D printing material in order to achieve precision and perfection. We use gold when there is a requirement for designing highly complex designs and bring Gordian geometric shapes to three-dimensional shape. Gold is certainly the most cherished precious metal and we love gold too, but for a different reason. The 3D Shape is a supplier company in Dubai specializing in mixing gold with copper to make robust 3D models.

Thanks to the advanced printing techniques and technologies, it is now feasible for you to shape your 2D drawings into three-dimensional reality with gold. Gold 3D printing is mostly chosen by jewellers who want to display their product prototypes in a grandiose manner. In comparison with the traditional process of jewellery prototyping which involves a lot of craftsmanship, 3D modelling is way faster. You can get intricate adornments within a few minutes and see your design ideas coming to life. The 3D Shape blends traditional jewellery making techniques with cutting-edge printing solutions to offer bespoke solutions to jewellers in Dubai/UAE/GCC.

3D Printing Gold: Samples

The jewellery designs we produce using advanced 3d printing gold techniques are marked with solidity and sophistication. Our 3D modellers are highly adept in touching up the 3D models to perfection and they make extensive use of the technologies at disposal.

3D Printing Gold: Typical Uses

Additive manufacturing is more of a misnomer as it encompasses a vast range of techniques used in 3D printing. Gold as a printing material is used by blending both the age-old techniques and futuristic printing technologies. The 3D Shape 3D printing experts can bring to shape virtually any kind of design, no matter how intricate it is, as we extensively use wax and gold to get perfectly designed models, with adhering to the size specifications of client. Gold printing is mostly used for our clients in the jewellery and gemstone industry though the maker material is now being increasingly used in other industries as well.

3D Printing Gold: Technologies and Processes in Use

We mostly use wax 3d printing gold while roughcasting the 3D models and later use was casting and other techniques to bring perfection. Wax printing process is also known as optical fibration, a manufacturing process that involves wax or wax-like semi-solid viscous substances. We also use support structures to make sure that the product prototypes do not break apart.