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Polyamide Plastic - 3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Polyamide (Plastic): Flexible and Impact-Resistant

Polyamide-built 3D objects are marked with white and granular surface, strength and flexibility. The 3D Shape uses this material for developing product prototypes that are impact-resistant to some extent and are flexible as well. The macromolecule is made through polymerization or solid phase synthesis. We use 3D printing polyamide (plastic) for making small-size prototypes of large automotive applications, sportswear, and various types of gears etc that are highly durable and have medium impact-resistance. 3D objects made from polyamide plastic have a distinctive granular look and these materials are somewhat porous as well.

The plastic 3D prototypes that we print using latest printing technologies are made from fine polyamide powder. The material is both flexible and solid, and printing experts can actually get sheer low-cost advantages by using this type of material. Our in-house polishing and dying professionals in Dubai/GCC/UAE give the 3D objects made from polyamide metallic or colored finish.

3D Printing Polyamide Plastic Samples

The 3D objects we make with 3D printing polyamide (plastic) are sturdy and impact-resistant. At the same time, these are highly flexible objects as well

3D Printing Polyamide Plastic: Applications

Polyamide plastic is mainly used for making complex models and concept models. We also use it for making multiple copies of a small-scale model of anything, and functional models as well. The technique we use endows us with the highest freedom of design. The benefits if using the material for 3D printing polyamide are:

  • Polyamide is quite cheap. It is much less expensive than traditional plastic.
  • Polyamide availability is not a matter of concern. It is readily available in any hardware store out there. However, we actually manufacture it through polymerization to keep costs low.
  • 3D printed objects that are made from polyamide are wear-resistant and flexible in nature. The material is less brittle and far more stringer.

3D Printing Polyamide Plastic: Technology and Processes in Use

We use Selective Laser Sintering for building 3D objects with polyamide. The 3D models are printed layer after layer. We use laser for drawing thin lines between different parts of the design. This material melts and bonds for forming a thin layer of the model. We also use powder and apply it on the surface with a roller. The print chamber right below the melting point becomes active and the solid model is built gradually. We recommend 3D printing polyamide plastic for making flexible and strong materials that can resist some pressure and impact.