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Transparent Plastic - 3d printing materials

3D Printing Transparent Plastic: Ideal for Making Glossy and Transparent 3D Objects

The 3D Shape is an ace 3D printing studio offering bespoke printing solutions to companies in GCC/UAE/Dubai. We make models from transparent resinous materials and these materials are obtained from hardened liquid. Resin is strong, water resistant and transparent. We recommend 3D printing transparent plastic for making models that are required to look glossy and transparent at the same tie. As resin is transparent and glossy, it is considered perfect for making demo models. Please note that plastic or resin we use is not really 100% crystal clear. You can get a semi-transparent object once we are done with 3D modelling. We sandpaper the surface to give it a glossy look. Transparent models are finally painted with glittery varnish so that the object does not lose its colours due to continued exposure to UV rays.

3D Printing Transparent Plastic: Samples

The product prototypes and miniscule models made out of design concepts are marked by translucence and glossy surface.

3D Printing Transparent Plastic : Typical Uses

Transparent resin is commonly used in Dubai/UAE/GCC for making models that require a see-through appearance as well as a smooth surface. Whether you are building a miniature prototype of a concept car or you need to sample a small model of a piece of furniture before starting large-scale production, 3D printing transparent plastic or transparent resin is suitable for making a small version of the product which is still in concept or design phase.

3D Printing Transparent Plastic: Technology and Processes in Use

We, at The 3D Shape, use solid free-form fabrication for rapid prototyping with transparent plastic or resin. A miniature replica of a bigger object can be built by dissecting the entire 3D model into small layers. We use proprietary software applications for making the necessary calculations and for bringing ideas to life. We also use support structures wherever needed for sloughing off the cavities or overhangs. The process starts with spreading liquid polymer over a flat platform and we use computerized laser nozzle to draw an initial design on the layer spread over the surface. The polymer where laser is applied hardens with time and it is lowered. Another layer is drawn in the same process on top of the first one. The process is repeated until we get the three-dimensional object. The entire modelling process takes place inside a large tank and we raise the end product out of the tank, with or without the help of a support structure. In this process, the unnecessary polymer is sloughed off. Our 3D printing transparent plastic experts remove the support structures when the model is sculpted out from the machine.