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3D Modeling: An Emerging Concept Revamping the Face of eCommerce

The obvious limitations of using two-dimensional images has been identified by burgeoning e-businesses as the need for a 360 degree visibility of the products on sale has cropped up among buyers. This is a recent concept in the mid-East, so much so that even people had not as much of a vague answer to what is 3d modelling in the last decade. The3DShape is one of the pioneering companies that has joined the 3D revolution by bringing to the people 3D scanning, 3D modeling and 3D rendering services online.

Uses of 3D Modeling Services in Today’s Businesses

3D modeling has found uses in different industries, notwithstanding its origin in the filmmaking arena. Starting at film and gaming, 3d models has passed to other important industries, such as design, architecture, optics, jewellery, interior decoration, footwear and more. Administrators running websites for medical and healthcare services use 3d models for interactive representations of different parts of the human body, or the anatomy as a whole. In automobiles and architectural industries, 3D representations offer fastidious preview of future constructions. Even for smaller products, a 3D representation is preferred over 2D ones, because of the illusion of reality and the clarity of details they offer.

Our 3D Modeling Services at a Glance

Our artists develop each object diligently on 3D designing software like Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max, Auto Cad, etc., to develop a 3-dimensional impression of the item in its best imitation. We take in hand-sketches, pictures, even verbal narrations for the development of models and 3d rendering. We bring to the market 3D modeling services in three different and most popular processes, viz:

  • Polygonal Modeling: Polygonal mesh modeling is one of our key services. In this process, we build an entire model on textured polygonal meshes.
  • Digital Sculpting: This is a relatively new technique that we have promptly included in our list of services because of its immense possibilities. We offer all three types of sculpting services under it, namely, displacement, dynamic and volumetric tessellation.
  • Curve Modeling: Unlike polygonal modeling, this is curve-based that while has greater flexibility, is more pertinent to shapes as geometric primitives, patches, etc.

Why to Choose Us for 3D Modeling

The reason we are recommended across industries is the quality of service and consistency of performance have been loyal to. The3Phase, as an online 3d modeling company, has worked for a wide base of clients, and we are proud to say that we see happy faces on delivery. Satisfaction comes for no price, and with that as our motto, we have come so far to deliver some of the most mind-boggling results for our clients. Notwithstanding the easiness of shortcuts, we take the longer way, and with the help of some efficient designers and technologies, we have grinded out near-miracle results for our clients.

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