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3D Printing Optimization Services

3D Optimization: Taking Ideas Closer to Three-Dimensional Reality

Are you in a dilemma as to which file format to choose for 3D printing or how to send a 2D design to your designer for 3D printing it? Look no further, as The 3D Shape is now offering 3D Optimization and bespoke 3D printing solutions. We are a bespoke 3D printing solution provider offering avant-garde printing services to businesses in GCC/Dubai/UAE. We offer full support to designers, professionals and innovators so that they can actually turn their mere 2D concepts into three-dimensional awesomeness.

3D Optimization: The Scope of Optimization Services

The scope of 3D Optimization services in present market scenario is enormous. Whether you are having problems with converting the file format or you cannot define the intersections properly in your 2D drawing, The 3D Shape professionals can be of help. We support a wide array of file types and even if your illustration/structural drawing is not in a compatible format, we can use proprietary software applications to convert it. We also help our clients to export their files to .stl format. Standard Triangle Language (STL) is a universally accepted file format that translates any design in a three-dimensional space. However, you need the right software program to convert any file format to .stl, which is a precondition for 3D printing. Our 3D optimization prototypes service providers can help you select the correct unit of measurement. We also assign the right wall thickness before we send the designs to a 3D printer. We keep adequate gaps between two surfaces so that the 3D object is not collapsed and do everything else needed for a failsafe output.

How We Do 3D Optimization Services

The 3D Shape uses latest software applications to optimize the process of 3D optimization product design and eliminate possible errors. We work closely with our clients, make optimal use of recent technologies and stay abreast of the latest 3D printing techniques and innovations.

Why to Choose us for 3D Optimization Service

We are one of the most sought-after 3D Optimization and printing service providers in Dubai/GCC/UAE. Few good reasons to choose us are:

  • Latest technologies and the best people in the industry nested with world-class infrastructure
  • A detail-oriented approach and access to all sorts of 3D printing materials
  • State-of-the-art 3D printing appliances
  • Complete assistance to clients
Should you wish to know more about our 3D Optimization services, feel free to call or mail us.