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3D Printing: Transforming 2D Ideas into Three-Dimensional Reality

Three Dimensional or 3D Printing, which is also referred as Additive Manufacturing (AM), is a manufacturing process that constructs layers for shaping a three dimensional object from a 2-dimensional image. The process is also known as Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM). The 3D Shape offers superfast 3D printing services to businesses and individual professionals in GCC/UAE/Dubai. We specialize in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, 3D rendering, 3D scanning and 3D optimization services. Our team works with the solitary aim of transforming your design ideas in to realistic 3D prototypes.

3D printing is one of the cutting-edge technology based printing solutions that follow the additive manufacturing model. In this process, digital files are transformed into 3D objects with the help of state-of-the-art printing machineries. Our 3D printing experts build up multiple layers of materials with maintaining proportionate distribution of the different elements of an object. Our 3d printing technology studio in Dubai comes up with 3D models made from written descriptions, sketches, and raw CAD files. These 3D models can be used for product prototyping and are instrumental across diverse industry segments.

3D Printing: Its Uses in Different Industries

Traditional product development lifecycle has radically changed over the last decade. Sophisticated product designs have become way more intricate and the manufacturers need to highlight different form and functionality aspects to the prospective customers for the sake of successfully running product promotion campaigns. 3D Printing is a combination of computer aided design (CAD) and advanced printing techniques and the breakthrough technology has significantly reduced the time-to-market. If you want to build a product prototype in a cost-effective and less time-consuming fashion, 3D printing has no better alternative. 3d printers can be an aid in lean manufacturing and you can easily meet customer expectations if you opt for the cutting-edge printing solutions offered by us.

How We Do 3D Printing Services?

If you have an idea or a design of a product prototype, we can shape your idea into a 3D object. Give us the 2D design or describe how you want your product to look like and we can assure you the best possible 3d printing service. We use latest CAD software applications to make 3D objects from 2D designs. You can either send us the design in 2D or describe your product attributes and we can do the design modeling for you. The end product is obtained through cutting-edge 3D printing contrivances.

Why to Choose Us for 3D Printing Services?

We strive to fulfill all types of 3D Printing requirements. We use the best-quality materials to offer the most economical printing solutions to you. We have our team of experts who are adept in using the latest 3D printing techniques and technologies to attain the best results.