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3D Makeup Printer Invented by Harvard Student - The Mink and Grace Choi Bringing the Beauty Industry Down

With the buzz about the advanced 3D printing technology, Grace Choi, one of the students of the Harvard University came up with her brand new 3D printer, which she named, Mink. She understands how difficult can it be to find the exact shade of eye shadow or blush, which is why this Harvard University student introduced an advanced 3D makeup printer. The Mink will let you get makeup in whichever color you want (Source: Harper Bazaar). Whether it is the color of the sunset or a flower, with the help of this printer transforming the color into any sort of makeup is just a matter of selecting it and clicking print. Considering the advantages of this printer most of cosmetic companies are in dilemma whether the 3D printer invented by Harvard student - the Mink and Grace Choi bringing the beauty industry down or not.

Even though the machine offers a wide variety of undeniable color spectrum, it is to wonder whether custom color is more than enough for competing with the sales of the branded beauty products. Would people really prefer putting on printer ink on their lips? Does this machine uses high quality ingredients like the regular cosmetics? A brief review about the 3D printer may help you find answers to these questions.

The Mink – A 3D Makeup Printer

It is a desktop printer, which is designed to print makeup. Mink is quick enough to take any kind of image and transform it into wearable color cosmetic instantly. This printer uses FDA-approved substrates as well as good quality ingredients that are used by some of the popular makeup brands. In order to print your color-specific cosmetic, all you need to do is just pick a desirable color, be it from the internet or from a photo clicked (Source: Harper Bazaar). The software will need the hex code of the color selected and the 3D printer will be ready to get it print.

With the help of Mink you won’t be restricted to only a limited color palette. Having this at your home you will be able to get any color of lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Though, it wouldn’t be right to come into any conclusion about whether 3D makeup printer invented by Grace Choi bringing the beauty industry down or not, the popularity of this 3D printer in the near future cannot be denied. With so many advantages this innovative makeup 3D printer is undoubtedly one of the best inventions today.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 13:50