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3D Printed Body Parts Revolutionizing the Field of Prosthetics

Though the three dimensional technology has been here for almost two decades, it is now that most of the people have began to really tap into its immense potential. Today, 3D printed objects or products are acknowledged in almost all the sectors. Ranging from, beautiful castles, livable homes to makeup, a 3D printer is capable of printing everything possible on earth (Source: IFL Science). What is significant that now days these high-tech printers have made their way to medical science as they are generating several 3D printed body parts. Though this may be unbelievable for many, 3D printers are actually producing 3D prosthetics at low costs. And it is found that these items are much better than the traditional ones although they lack in detailing.

Recently, a teenager got her arm replaced with a bright pink 3D printed artificial arm. This arm was created by some biomedical engineering students of Washington University, St. Louis and was priced reasonable. The teenager, named Sydney Kendall, reported that she could move her shoulders quite easily in order to manipulate her arms to perform. She even tried moving or scrolling a computer mouse and faced no problems in doing them. It is probably because of the ease of use 3D printed prosthetics offers and its cost-effective feature that has made it popular amongst researchers.

One of the elementary features of these 3D printed body parts is that they are colorful. From soft beige to dark red, these three dimensional parts can be printed into any color you want. With 3D printers you can get your prosthetics customized in no time. One of the incredible reports is of a young lady who woman who underwent a surgery to replace her skull with that of 3D implant. A team of professionals carried out this operation at the University Medical Centre Utrecht and they were quite successful in doing this (Source: ABC News). This woman from Netherlands suffered from a severe bone disorder that caused her skull to increase by 5cm as a result of which she began losing her vision. And this is why her skull needed to be replaced for which she chose 3D printed prosthetic.

To add more to the list, a British woman who survived in a road traffic accident received 3D printed hip replacement when six operations failed back to back. Also, reputed companies have been collaborating with several universities to develop such prosthetics. Amongst all, the 3D printed eyes are incredible and they are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 13:46