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3D Printing Gun - The Cyber Styled Firearm

3D printing has indeed taken the possibility of commodity production to heights with the lucid 2D to 3D minutes-long procedure. To this day since its genesis, 3Dprinting applications have sufficed in the making of products from all industries, except food, beverage, skin care, medicines, etc. The technology is now in use in all major sectors, such as, aeronautics to robotics, automobiles to filigree and beyond. Recently, 3D printed firearms have come to existence with the first-ever 3d printing gun launched in the US. Defense Distributed is the group behind this launch that announced following the release that the blueprints of the gun will soon be made available online (Source: BBC).

A product of 1 year of testing and trying, the gun was finally unveiled after it passed the final testing round at a Texan firing range. Monitored by a law enforcement agency of Europe, the group was granted a license when the presiding authority brought to table a conclusive end that felons are more likely to derive their crime weapons from the regular outlets instead of relying on 3D printed tools. The announcement of a 3d printing gun came out through a cloud of doubts and questions as it was hardly expected that 3D printing technology could hardly reach this point.

Monitoring the future of manufacturing, this technology is perhaps the pinnacle of 3D at this point of time. The gun is built in the same way as the rest of the objects, through layering and final coloring. However, the processing took multiple steps as it was an assemblage of parts. Made from ABS plastic, the gun uses pins that are the only metallic attachment of the product (Source: Wired). This launch was supported by a fast burgeoning bunch of 3D printing application enthusiasts that have gradually culminated into a subculture of sorts.

The product that is marketed as “The Liberator" has received high auction values on eBay. To make sure that the guns are not illegally owned after its release, production of an ownership license has become mandatory from the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (Source: Wikipedia). The licensing process has ensured that illegal possession of firearms through digital printing is not warranted through this introduction.

Though a series of gun debate has sparked up following the launch, proper measures have been struck with immediacy in order to ensure look into the concerns it has flared up. The 3D printing gun is likely to make real an array of new gun designs that have intricacies heavier than a basic one-shooter.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 13:45