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Man Constructs 3D Printed Concrete Castle

About A 3D Printer that Developed an Entire Castle

When talking about 3D homes, Andrey Rudenko’s castle is worth mentioning. His 3D printed concrete castle has send ripples in the entire Shorewood. Following his dream, this man could build the castle he was looking for so long. After investing two years of his life, Rudenko could create a personalized 3D printer that could extrude concrete to build a castle, which he had planned himself (Source: IFL Science). Well, extruding concrete to develop 3D printed houses isn’t something new. It has been proposed by several companies to offer quick housing solution at minimum cost to the homeless people. Aside from that the same proposal has been suggested to create infrastructure on Mars much before the arrival of the astronauts. Though, those buildings lacked architectural details, they were cost-effective.

Understanding How the 3D Printed Concrete Castle Got Its Final Shape

This castle is approximately of 3×5 meters that makes it a great backyard fort apart from a livable structure. As machines that can extrude concrete weren’t available in the market, Andrey had to design his own. Also, he made some unique blend of concrete that would serve his purpose. Even though it took more time for the concrete to settle, it had higher resistance power than usual. And this allowed the walls to be stronger and smoother than before that actually eliminated the requirement for any interior wall covering.

The machine extruded the concrete in 3cm wide×1cm thick layers. As soon as the layered walls of the structure were completed, several pieces of turrets were stacked. Well, these turrets were too printed with the help of the same device (Source: Inquisitr). This 3D machine is capable of changing these dimensions or accommodating different sizes based on the project requirement. So much is the efficiency of this three dimensional printer that it could develop 50cm walls in almost eight hours. However, for Rudenko, it took him only six months to complete the entire castle construction.

Rudenko’s Plans in the Future

The fact that these 3D printers can build aesthetically-pleasing structures is now proven as Rudenko had made it possible building 3D printed concrete castle. However, with this achievement he is on a look-out to construct a medium-sized livable house. He is up to creating something that will not only build the walls of a building, but will also frame the staircase and allow enough spaces for plumbing and other elements.

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