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Top 10 3D Printers for 2015

3D printers were considered a revolution in technology when they were first invented. They continue to be so even today but the market dynamics have gone through a sea change. While they were very expensive a few years back, a string of affordable options is available today. Here is a short pull-together on the top ten 3D printers.

1. Peachy Printer

The peachy Printer comes across as a revelation of the new technology that is changing the face of 3D printing. The objects are created with liquid and light-sensitive resins (Source: Hong Kiat)The resins turn into solids on introduction to light from a laser beam. As they drop, they are slowly turned into solid objects.

2. MakiBox

The concept behind the designing of the MakiBox was to build a printer that was both affordable and dependable. If someone is giving a first go at 3D printing, this is the one to fall at. However with dimensions of 150 x 110 x 90 (all millimeters), it can only print small objects.

3. Printrbot

For all those who wish to be dynamic in their approach towards 3D printing, Printrbot is the solution. The device houses four variants of 3D printers that have unique features and sizes. You may also assemble some of the parts by yourself. Numerous add-ons are available for this printer.

4. Phoenix 3D Printer

Makers of the Phoenix 3D printer are giving away the printer to buyers of their unique 3D printing software. A big positive of the software is that you may ‘pause’ the process in the middle if something falls out of place. The software may be rewound to fix the flaw as printing resumes. Material wastage can be marginalized in this process.

5. Romscraj

The new Singapore based company Romscraj already has come up with two 3D printers in very little timw. The portable printer is called Portabee Go and you may fold it for convenience in travel and storage. The desktop printer is larger and made of steel and aluminum.

6. The Buccaneer

If you are after a fully assembled 3D printer that starts working straight out of the box, The Buccaneer is the one for you. It has built-in Wi-Fi compatibility and you may as well control the printer with a mobile app. The app enabled you to define categories of print-ready objects. The blue print can be sent directly to the printer.

7. Solidoodle

This is another 3D printing device that may be used straight out of the box. Solidoodle extends a no-nonsense printing experience at a very affordable price.

8. Rigidbot

Rigidbot sells both 3D printer kits and fully assembled 3D printers. The printing is pretty affordable and facilitates customized prints that match user needs. The printing space can also be expanded by supplementing addition dimensional plane rods from DIY 3D print stores (Source: Toms Guide).

9. RoBo

RoBo is one of the few open source 3D printers available. You may go online to find all the information you need about this printer. So much so, the RoBo can also be built from other parts printed in 3D. The price point at which the RoBo is sold is also very reasonable.

10. Cubify Cube 3

The Cubify Cube 3 is one of the best 3D printers for beginners. The simplistic cubical design of the printer greatly favors simplistic design and function. The sealed cartridge is filled with 20 colors and is very ease to change or replace.

Last modified on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 13:49