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Top 10 3D Printing Objects in 2015

Over the span of the last three decades, the concept of 3D printing that travelled places. 3D printed body parts, cars, food items, prosthetics, etc. might just be the beginning and buildings, countries and Spaceships are symbolic of the change that we are about to witness. Here are the top 10 3D printed objects that compel us to marvel at the technology and its future:

1. Body Parts

US scientists have successfully 3D printed several body parts including ears, blood vessels, kidneys, bones and even skin. Instead of plastic that most of the traditional printers use, these bio-printers use a certain colloidal gel that is said to be built from living body cells. Ceramic powder is used for printing bones.

2. Pizza

A 3D printing project funded by NASA has met decent success. The pizza is actually edible and the scope of feeding astronauts in space is being calculated (Source: Read Write). Unlike single-cartridge 3D printers, the printers just have several cartridges that contain ingredients like cheese, dough and sauce.

3. Chocolate<

Just replacing plastic with melted chocolate opens a whole new vista of desserts. You may turn whatever you write or design into sweet delight with a device like Chocedge, one of the first 3D printers that has been built exclusively to print chocolates.

4. Garments

3D printed garments are not available in stores just yet. But they have already been donned on the ramp. Model Dita Von Tessa is the first to wear a fully articulated 3D printed gown that was custom made to accentuate her curves. Futuristic customization in fashion could be a whole lot different with 3D printed clothing.

5. Musical Instruments

Creating functional musical instruments completely or partly are now possible with 3D printing. The 3D printed guitar has become pretty common in the music fraternity. It promises both premier looks and pleasing acoustics. A working flute is one of the other musical instruments to be successfully printed.

6. Cars

The Urbee 2 might appear to be a toy car from some distance but it is veritably the first car that has been made completely using 3D printed parts. The car has just three wheels and is one of the cheapest ones available in the market. However, low engine capacity means that the car might just not screech through highways.


Guns and other firearms are perhaps the most controversial objects that have been built out of 3D printers. Several arrests for relating to such creations means that the makers were actually able to attain functional success.

8. Drones

3D printed drone is the marriage of two extremely advanced technologies. A 3D printed drone developed at the Southampton University could fly by itself for 30 minutes at a max speed of 90 miles per hour.

9. Sex Toys

Research into using 3D printers for making adult toys was all but unnatural. The result was a neat assortment of sex toys that includes vibrator sleeves, dildos and other accessories. The adult industry is selling these products like hot cake (Source: Creative Bloq).

10. 3D Printers

That completes the circle. The RepRap 3D printer actually replicates itself by creating parts that would make another 3D printer. So once you buy the printer for $500, you could use free online information to create printers for all your friends.

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