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Unique 3D printed engagement ring for a perfect proposal

Unique 3D printed engagement ring for a perfect proposal

If you are a big fan of personalized presents, choosing something unique for special occasions goes without saying. Just like creating an engagement ring designed specially for your fiance-to-be.

Of course, you can just go ahead and choose one of the pretty rings at Pandora,, Tiffany or even Swarovski, but how many girls out there have the same ring? Don’t you want to make your favorite girl feel like she is the only one in the world?

How does 3D printing of the engagement ring work?

Choose the design of the ring

First, you need to come up with the design. How do you want it to look like? What shape? What will be the size and shape of the diamond? You need to have at least a rough idea about all those details before you present your idea to the designer. And if you prepare some sketches or photos it will be even more helpful.

Choose the material of your future ring and the diamond for it

While yellow gold is a classic and timeless option, more and more people decide to opt it out every year. There are quite a few other materials to showcase the beauty of the ring. You can go for white gold or silver if you are on a budget or platinum, the most precious jewelry metal if the occasion is too important to save money on it. 

Make sure you know the preferences of your better half before you make your choice. 

 Let the team print your ring

Before printing the final version of the ring it is always a good idea to have a prototype printed using some cheap materials. You need it to make sure the ring looks exactly how you pictured it and the size is correct. If you would like some changes in the design this is the time to do it.

Once you approve the prototype, the original copy of the ring will be printed using the material of your choice and the diamond will be inserted at a final stage.

The next step is to go down on one knee and get your “Yes!”

Proposing is easy, but how do you actually get married if you live in the GCC?

If you want your wedding to be as hassle-free as the creation of the proposal ring, follow the same logic and let the professionals help you. Easy Wedding Georgia is a Dubai based wedding planner that helps GCC residents get married in Georgia. 

Why Georgia? It’s close, cheap, and hassle-free, just like we promised. While Dubai (or any other city/country) paperwork before getting married can take forever, in Georgia you will only need your passport.

Plus the famous Georgian food, hospitality, and nature – the choice sounds like a no brainer. 

Give it a shot and let these guys help you. They know what they are doing as the founders of the company had to go through the same process themselves.

And there you have your perfect proposal and perfect wedding planned.

What material do you think is the best for the engagement ring? Tell us in the comments!

Last modified on Friday, 10 July 2020 17:08